Magrikie is a Certified Social Emotional Arts Facilitator.

Because the Arts are uniquely capable of building connection, giving voice to what is within, and evoking positive emotions, the Arts can serve as a major healing practice.

The Arts are capable of addressing challenging or intractable conditions such as trauma, grief, chronic pain, social isolation, and intolerance in an organic, accessible, and sustainable way. By enhancing the innate benefits of the Arts with the integration of mental health practices, such as language of nonjudgment, to facilitate self-expression, reflection, and insight, great healing & change is possible. 

The Social Emotional Arts (SEA) Program, created by UCLArts and Healing, empowers and trains educators and Community Arts professionals to maximize the social-emotional benefits of Arts experiences. UCLArts and Healing is an organizational member of the UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine. The SEA program combines Art Making & Creative Approaches with Social, Emotional and Cognitive Learning Objectives to meet the needs of the population it serves.


Recognizing Feelings, Understanding Impact of Actions on Others, Other-Perspective Taking, Understanding Cultural Uniqueness of Self and Peers, Reading Nonverbal Cues, Appreciating Different Viewpoints and Their Cultural Contributions, Turn Taking, Listening / Sharing, Problem Solving, Connecting through Shared Experience, Connecting via Identifying Cultural Differences and Similarities, Cooperation / Team Work, Communication Skills


Identifying and Labeling Feelings, Developing Coping Strategies, Self-Awareness, Awareness of Cultural Uniqueness of Self and Peers, Self-Management / Impulse Control, Being in the Present Moment, Decreasing Self-Judgment, Embracing Self-Definition, Stress Management, Frustration Tolerance, Developing Mastery, Self-Esteem, Increasing Self-Identity.


Decision-Making, Planning, Organizing, Breaking Down Large Tasks, Understanding New Concepts, Critical Thinking, Being Able to Stand Up For Self and Peers, Cause and Effect, Goal Setting / Future-Oriented Thinking, Sustaining Focus, Attention to Detail, Attention to the Big Picture, Analytical Skill Building, Integrate Sensory Stimuli.

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